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Thank you for taking the time to visit my website, your time means a lot to me and I appreciate your interest in my work! Below are some details on what I'm looking to create and how we can get started. If you've read up on all of my information and would like to move forward, you can submit your Tattoo Inquiry HERE!



  • Large Scale Projects (Half/Full Sleeves, Back/Torso Panels)

  • No Coverups

  • Black & Grey Realism with Color Infusion at my discretion

  • Full Creative Freedom


  • Half Day (1-4 hours) at $2,000/tax

  • Full Day (4-8 hours) at $3,000/tax


I require a $100 retainer prior to scheduling a Consultation (This does not go towards your final session price if you decide to book), and a $1,000 retainer for scheduling your tattoo session. These retainers are Non-Refundable. Your $1000 retainer will used towards the following things:


1. To schedule and lock in your session date


2. Retain my services to go to the drawing board

with your ideas and begin working on your design.


 Your $1000 retainer does go towards your final session price. Your $1000 retainer will be forfeited due to No Call-No Shows, Rescheduling without 7 Day Notice, or Complete Design Change.


Thank you so much for taking the time to read through this information, I'm really looking forward to hearing your ideas and talking more with you!


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Thank you for submitting your inquiry! Please give me 24-48 hours to get back to you, make sure to check your Spam folder!

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