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If you have looked over my Portfolio and Pricing sections, and would like to get in touch about planning for a tattoo with me or talking more ideas, I'd love to chat more! Please provide information such as your Name, Phone Number, Location, and all the details of your tattoo ideas. Most importantly, I'd love to hear your "Why?" for your tattoo, What's your purpose in getting it? I love to hear your stories and connect, it also helps to have those things in mind during the design process to potentially take your ideas to the next step.

Once I have received your inquiry, I'll take some time to consider if it's something up my alley and make sure I want to take it on. If so, I'll reach back out to you with a link to book a consultation with me. This will allow you to select your own time slot of 30 minute intervals on the Saturday that works best for you. This can be either in person or via Zoom as you desire. I do require a $50 deposit to book your consultation that will be deducted from your final session price if you decide to book a session with me. 

If after review I don't feel like your ideas are totally up my alley or I wouldn't be able to do your tattoo the most justice, I'll do what I can to get you in the right hands of a tattooer that could do your ideas the most justice. I work with a a very talented crew of artists at Aisle 9 and we are usually able to find you the right artists, no matter what your needs are.

Some key points to consider;

  • All Products MUST be started and completed during one Calendar year.

  • Sleeves are the most popular and preferred placement.

  • Other places I want to encourage are Leg Sleeves, Full Torso, and Full Back pieces.

  • Most projects around 12-20 hours will require 2 Full-Days, back-to-back minimum.

  • Sleeves usually average around 7-10 Full Day sessions. 2-3 Full Day sessions at a time are recommended to speed the process.

  • No cover ups, No reworks.

  • Color inclusion will be at my discretion.

  • All Non-Realism will be considered.

  • I require creative freedom on all designs (with the obvious consideration of your requests).

  • Please be FULLY committed to this art form and have respect for this level of artwork. I  would like to work with good people who understand the artistic process. I appreciate every inquiry that I receive, thank you and I'll see you in the chair soon!


After I've received your inquiry and decided that its something I'd like to take on, we'll reach out to you about scheduling your consultation! Consultations are scheduled for the 2nd and 4th Fridays of each month from 12pm-4pm. I do require a $50 deposit to schedule a consultation, this will be deducted from your final session price if you decide to book a tattoo session with me.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read through this information, I'm really looking forward to hearing your ideas and talking more with you!


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