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For my aftercare, I use the Dermour Tattoo Aftercare Bandage. Below are some general steps to follow when caring for your new tattoo using Dermour. 

When you are finished getting tattooed on your epic day I will get you cleaned up and the first bandage will be applied. I should have covered how to apply the Saniderm, also covering these next steps;

Allergy Warning: This product contains polyurethane-acrylic adhesive.



The first bandage will be worn for 24 hours (expect a discolored plasma in the bandage during this time). When it’s time to remove the first bandage, I recommend doing so in the shower. Easy clean up and the water will help in removing the Dermour Tattoo Aftercare bandage.

While in the shower wash your tattoo with a fragrance free soap, using a small circle motion with your finger tips. Wash off thoroughly, make sure there is no soap left on the skin. Let the tattoo air dry or dab using clean paper towel.



Clean around the tattoo with some alcohol you have, just to remove any extra oils from skin. NO OINTMENT under the bandage.

Cut the Demrour Tattoo Aftercare Bandage to allow at least 1 inch of Dermour to be in contact with undamaged skin. More extra room is suggested in highly mobile areas. Also, it helps to round the corners to keep it from wanting to peel up. Remember, its okay to use multiple pieces of Dermour.



Peel off the paper backing to reveal the adhesive side.

Gently apply the bandage using light pressure. For best results, ensure that the skin and body part is in a relaxed, neutral position.



Remove the plastic backing, leaving only Dermour on the skin.

Please try to keep the second bandage on 5 days to allow for the best results. If taking off before then you are rolling the dice and I don’t recommend it. If you do need to take the bandage off before the recommend time please contact me for other After Care instructions. If you ask google or your friends instead of me...shame on you lol

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