In the process of tattooing, no matter how large or small, it's tough for me to give you approximate times or estimates for your tattoo. The process is very organic and there are many factors that come into play, such as skin type, detail of your piece, how large of a piece you're looking to get; those are just a few to mention of the many potential factors. Ultimately, the best I'm able to do is provide you with as many details up front as possible.


Due to the tattoo process being so difficult to generalize and give approximations on exactly how long something is going to take, (I do tend to take on a lot of larger scale projects), it's much more efficient to operate under Full-Day and Half-Day rates rather than giving an assumption-based price for each person's tattoo or operating under an hourly rate. Half-Days are more often for Small Follow-Up Sessions and Smaller projects. Those rates are listed below:

Half Day (1-4 hours) at $2,000/tax

Full Day (4-8 hours) at $3,000/tax

I require a $100 deposit to prior to scheduling a Consultation (This does not go towards your final session price if you decide to book), and a $1,000 deposit for scheduling your tattoo session. These deposits are Non-Refundable (see below).

Your $1000 deposit will used towards the following things:


1. To schedule and lock in your session date


2. Retain my services to go to the drawing board

with your ideas and begin working on your design.

 Your $1000 deposits do go towards your final session price. Your $1000 deposit can be forfeited in one of three ways; No Call-No Shows, Reschedule without 7 Day Notice, or Complete Design Change.

Each Large tattoo is completed in increments of Full Days (4-8 hours) at $3,000/tax, typically starting with 2-Days back-to-back to build the most momentum towards your tattoo goals. We will tattoo for the given session time you scheduled for and  assess the progress afterwards. The amount of session time required will ultimately depend on your piece (the size, level of detail, subject matter, etc.) and the canvas, which is You! (your skin/body type, pain tolerance, etc.).

I have aimed to set a rate that is Non-Assumption based, Unbiased, and Non-Discriminatory that allows us to truly focus on creating a piece of fine art to carry with you forever. In my experience, there has been too many times that I have operated under an hourly rate, and my clients were far more focused on the clock than their artwork. I need your trust, time, and patience for me to be able to commit to creating a truly fine piece of artwork.


If more session time is required, you are more than welcome to schedule another appointment at the end of your tattoo session if you have a deposit prepared, but you are also more than welcome to schedule at a later date as well. It is preferred that larger projects are completed within 1 Calendar Year.

I will share my design with you the morning of your session so that we have time together to go over any last minute details we may want to add and get sizing right. I prefer to have your ideas fresh in my mind as I'm tattooing them. Changes that may need to be done are better suited for the day of  as we are working together on your design perhaps by your request, artistic taste, or sizing changes that are necessary.