About Chris

You probably know this by now, but my name is Chris Powell! I've been tattooing for 9 years, currently at Thousand Oaks Tattoos and Cosmetics. Born and raised in Springfield, OH. Not only is our shop just a few short minutes from where I grew up, but it is also a block from where I began my apprenticeship!




I am eager and excited to hear your ideas and tattoo as many of you as I can! There are only a few main things that I am looking for in a client:

1. Someone that allows me to have Creative Freedom,

2. Someone that is open to seeing my vision, &

3. Someone that trusts the tattoo process

I do have your best interest at heart, knowing that you will be carrying this tattoo for the  rest of your life. I an honored by that, and looking to create the absolute best tattoos I possibly can for you to cherish forever!

During my 9 years of tattooing I've taken on quite a few different styles, but the one style that I've planted my feet in is Large Scale Black & Grey Realism.


 I really enjoy the creative freedom that B&G allows me to have when making decisions in the creative process, along with the added challenges of photo-realism. 

Subject matters that I enjoy tattooing would be Portraits of People, Animals, Architecture, and Statues! Any subject matters that can be photographed I'm all for! Being a photo-realism artist, it can sometimes be difficult to tattoo particular subject matters as they have only been depicted in artworks that have very obvious artistic tones, from the original creator of the piece of art.

If you haven't noticed yet by my portfolio, I like to go big! I really enjoying working with and encompassing the entire area of the body that I'm working with, whether that be your bicep, forearm, thigh, leg, or even your back!

Above all else, what I am truly passionate about is memorializing and honoring something that you hold dear to your heart, whatever that looks like for you! Whether it's a half sleeve to memorialize your grandparents, or a portrait to honor your children! In the following steps, you'll find a place to submit your inquiry with all your tattoo ideas and reasons for wanting to get tattooed, I highly encourage you to leave your "Why" for getting tattooed, I take your reasons for getting tattooed very seriously and would like to take what information I can to take this tattoo to the next level!